The Ultimate Bucket List Of Things To Do In Port Hope, Ontario

Aerial View Port Hope Town and Plant, Port Hope, Canada

Located on the shores of Lake Ontario, Port Hope is a picturesque town rich in history, culture, and natural beauty. With a population of just 17,000 people, you’d think that this would be a sleepy town, where there was not much to do except admire the beautiful natural and man-made structures dotted around. However, there is much more to Port Hope than initially meets the eye. Port Hope offers a diverse range of things to do that will excite and delight all members of the family.

Here, we’ll look at some of the best things to see or do, if you’re lucky enough to find yourself in Port Hope.

Historical and Cultural Sites

Port Hope’s rich story is shown in its well-preserved architecture and numerous cultural institutions. Explore these sites to gain a window into the past and a deeper appreciation of the town’s heritage:

The Capitol Theatre
20 Queen St, Port Hope

Visiting the Capitol Theatre feels like taking a step back in time. Opened in 1930, it’s one of the last theaters of its kind left in Canada, making it one of the most appealing attractions in Port Hope. Its design, which evokes an open-air courtyard under a starry sky, makes it a great place to watch a performance. Whether it’s a play, musical, concert, or film screening, the Capitol Theatre is sure to offer a memorable experience in a beautifully restored setting. Be sure to check their schedule for any upcoming shows or events.

Dorothy’s House Museum
3632 Ganaraska Road, Port Hope

Dorothy’s House Museum gives you a glimpse into 19th-century domestic life in Port Hope. It’s well-preserved and showcases period furnishings, artifacts, and historical displays that tell the story of everyday life in that era. You can get guided tours that reveal insights into the history of the house and the lives of its former inhabitants. If you’re a history enthusiast, this stop is certainly worth your time.

St. Mark’s Anglican Church
51 King St, Port Hope

Established in 1822, St. Mark’s Anglican Church is one of the oldest churches in the area and has been a cornerstone of the community for over 200 years. With its picturesque setting and well-preserved structure, it’s a must-visit landmark of Port Hope.

The Little Station
15 Elias Street, Lent Ln, Port Hope

The Little Station is a restored historic train station and a charming reminder of Port Hope’s railway history. Although its complete history remains something of a mystery, architectural clues like its low gable roof and three-foot overhang with elaborate brackets give some people reason to think that it was one of the first railway stations built in Port Hope. This building often hosts community events and exhibitions, adding to its appeal. If you’re looking to learn about the town’s heritage in transportation or enjoy local events, The Little Station is a great place to start.

Port Hope Memorial Park
44 Queen Street, Port Hope

Dedicated to the memory of those who served in the military, the Port Hope Memorial Park is a central gathering place for the community. The park features beautifully landscaped gardens, war memorials, and plenty of green space for relaxation and recreation. It’s also the venue for many community events throughout the year.

Outdoor Activities and Attractions

Port Hope’s natural beauty is one of its greatest assets. There are plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy from scenic parks and trails to beautiful beaches.

Corbett’s Dam (Fish Ladder)
4 McKibbon St, Port Hope

Fish migration jumping upstream at Port Hope Fish Ladder, Ontario, Canada

Corbett’s Dam is a unique spot where you can witness the annual salmon migration. Every fall thousands of salmon make their way upstream, offering a spectacular natural display. Tourists come in mid-August to early October to watch up to 10,000 chinook and silvery coho salmon swim from Lake Ontario up the Ganaraska River, which runs through Port Hope on their way to their home spawning grounds.

Ganaraksa River itself is one of the healthiest rivers in Ontario. It’s populated almost entirely with wild, naturally reproducing fish. The river offers some of the most satisfying fishing experiences and is one of the biggest attractions in Port Hope.

Port Hope Beaches
Marsh Street (West Beach); Mill Street South and Madison Street (East Beach)

Port Hope beaches in Ontario all offer stunning views, swimming access, and a perfect spot for a picnic. There are three different beaches you can visit. West Beach is located on Marsh Street and is a mix of sand and rocky shore. There’s a playground, which the kids will love. The East Beach is located at Mill Street South and Madison Street. It has a sandy bottom, perfect for swimming. Like West Beach, it also has a playground your kids can enjoy. Caldwell Street Beach is located on the east end of East Beach. In Caldwell Beach, there is access to the Waterfront Trail, one of the many hiking attractions in Port Hope.

Hiking Trails
Port Hope offers a variety of hiking trails for all levels of hikers. Whether you’re experienced or a beginner, you’ll find a hiking trail that poses the right level of challenge while you enjoy the wonderful views all around. Here are the most popular trails:

  • The Waterfront Trail
    This trail runs along Lakeshore Road to the west of the Municipality to Gage’s Creek to the east. It features benches, bird feeders, gazebos, and tributes to the community leaders who played a key role in the trail’s development.
  • The Ganaraska Trail – Pine Ridge
    This trail starts at the cairn in Rotary Park along the Ganaraska River, opposite the Town Hall. It features mixed terrain, meaning some parts do present a challenge. This is where you can see the Fish Ladder that was built to assist fish bypass the dam near Highway 401.
  • The Ganaraska Hiking Trail
    The Pine Ridge section forms the start of this trail in the downtown core of the Municipality. It offers an enjoyable walk along the banks of the Ganaraska River to the Port Hope Conservation Area near the Highway 401 underpass. This trail features plenty of opportunities to see wildlife and old-growth trees. Be extra vigilant on this trail during the spring as the river flows can get dangerously high, so it isn’t recommended for children.
  • The Urban Ravine Lands Trail
    This trail connects from the Ganaraska River and runs west all the way to the Port Hope High School.

Cycling Trails

In downtown Port Hope, you can cycle on most of the paved roads and tour north outside of town to the countryside leading to many quiet roads. If you’re looking for more natural terrain and sections with more hills, you can also cycle to the west of downtown along Lakeshore Road and experience the scenic views of Lake Ontario.

Family-Friendly Outdoor Activities

Looking for outdoor adventures for the whole family?

Treetop Trekking in the Ganaraska Forest lets you fly from ziplines and navigate suspended bridges and Tarzan swings. They also offer night trek and GPS rally experiences that add an extra dimension to the fun.

In Haute Goat Farm, you get to be around alpacas and goats, giving you an opportunity to get close enough to snuggle up with them. They offer farm experiences like the Alpaca Knuffle Shuffle, KuneKune Kuddle, and the Inclusive Mini-Shmurgle, unique things to do in Port Hope, Ontario. They also have a Screaming Goat Cafe where you can grab something to eat or browse the gift shop.

Dining and Local Markets

Exploring the local food scene and markets in Port Home is a treat. From cozy cafes to fine dining, the town offers a variety of culinary experiences that highlight local flavors and ingredients.

Local Restaurants
If you want a fine dining experience, visit Trattoria Gusto (1 Walton St). There, you can enjoy Italian cuisine in an upscale setting. For a more casual dining experience, The Social Bar + Table (26 Ontario St) offers delicious farm-to-table dishes with a focus on local ingredients. Don’t miss out on the town’s charming cafes and bistros like Beamish House Pub, which is known for its warm atmosphere.

Farmers’ Market
177 Toronto Rd, Port Hope

fruits and vegetables at the farmers market

If you’re looking for things to do in Port Hope, Ontario, that allow you to take home more than just photos and memories visit the Farmers’ Market. The Port Hope Farmers’ Market is a hub of local produce, artisanal goods, and handmade crafts. Held weekly, the market is the perfect place to sample fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables, try baked goods, and buy unique craft items. It’s a great way to support local farmers and artisans while enjoying the best of what Port Hope has to offer.

Shopping and entertainment

Port Hope, Ontario’s shopping and entertainment options provide a delightful mix of stores, cultural venues, and community events. We’ve already seen the Capitol Theatre, but here are a few other entertainment and shopping gems to try.

Local Stores and Shopping Centers
Take a stroll down Walton Street and explore stores like Furby House Books, a local bookstore located at the heart of historic Port Hope, with a selection of books and gifts. Then there’s The Nooks which offers a wide variety of handcrafted items and local artwork.

While Port Hope’s charm lies in its independent shops, there are also shopping centers like the Port Hope Shopping Plaza with its wide selection of retail stores, services, and dining options.

Local Art Galleries
Port Home is home to several art galleries that showcase the work of local artists. The Northumberland Arts Gallery, for example, features rotating exhibitions of contemporary and traditional art. Critical Mass is a center for contemporary art that creates and brings inclusive, socially aware, and engaging contemporary art experiences to Port Hope.

Festivals and Events

Port Hope’s festival and events bring the community together and celebrate the town’s unique culture and traditions. From annual fairs to seasonal celebrations, there’s always something happening in Port Hope.

Port Hope Fair
The Port Hope Fair is a beloved annual event held every September. The fair features agricultural displays, carnival rides, games, live entertainment, and delicious food. It’s a fun-filled event for all ages and a highlight of the town’s event calendar.

Float Your Fanny Down the Ganny
The Float Your Fanny event is one of the quirkiest things to do in Port Hope, Ontario—which makes it a must-see (or must-participate-in event) for those looking to visit the town during the spring. Participants navigate homemade rafts down the Ganaraska River in an act meant to commemorate the devastating flood of 1980, which crippled Port Hope’s downtown area. The event is a testament to the great sense of humor and resilience of the people of Port Hope.

Seasonal Festivals
Port Hope hosts a variety of seasonal festivals throughout the year. During the winter months, the town lights up with the Candlelight Festival, creating a festive atmosphere. The Capitol Theatre even has its own holiday tradition called Capitol Christmas where the building is decorated by local businesses and community groups. It displays gorgeous Christmas trees and serves cocoa and cookies from the refreshment stand.

Other Nearby Attractions

Canadian Fire Fighters Museum
206 Furnace Street, Cobourg

The Canadian Fire Fighters Museum used to be located in Port Hope but had to close its doors at the end of 2017. After an extensive search for a new home, they finally signed a lease for Cobourg’s historical Memorial Arena at 206 Furnace Street. It’s currently planning the rebuilding of its displays in this new, larger space, beginning July 1, 2024. Luckily, the museum’s new location is only a 14-minute drive away from Port Hope.

The museum features an extensive collection of antique fire trucks, historical firefighting equipment, uniforms, and interactive exhibits. You can also learn about the evolution of firefighting techniques and the brave individuals who have served their communities. The Canadian Fire Fighters Museum offers a unique educational experience for all ages.

Wine Tasting
The town is located near several renowned wineries like 13th Street Winery or Norman Hardie Winery, making it an excellent destination for wine enthusiasts. You can take a short drive to enjoy wine tastings, take tours of the vineyards, and learn about the winemaking process while sipping on some of Ontario’s finest wines.

Rice Lake
Located to the north of Port Hope, Rice Lake is a fantastic destination for outdoor enthusiasts. The lake is known for its excellent fishing opportunities, particularly for bass and panfish. Boating and kayaking are also popular activities here. The surrounding area features numerous trails for hiking and birdwatching, making it a great spot for a day trip.

Alderville First Nation
East of Port Hope, the Alderville First Nation offers cultural experiences and insights into Indigenous heritage and culture. The Black Oak Savanna Ecology Centre in Alderville features educational exhibits on local ecosystems and conservation efforts. Visitors can also learn about the history and traditions of the Anishinaabe people through various cultural events and programs.

Explore Port Hope, Ontario

Port Hope, Ontario, is a treasure trove of historical and cultural attractions, natural beauty, and vibrant local life. From exploring historical sites and enjoying outdoor activities to savoring local cuisine and attending lively festivals, life in Port Hope is rich in excitement, education, and fun.

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