Buying inNorthumberland

When it comes to buying something as important as a home for your family, you need a Realtor that is more than just a door opener.

We have created a seamless, one-of-a-kind buying experience tailored to meet the needs of today’s buyers navigating a fast-paced market.

Our Buyers get the benefits and “perks” that come along with working with Northumberland’s leading Listing Agent! You get the insider’s scoop on what’s coming to the market and the valuable insight on what exactly Sellers are looking for in a “winning offer”. And you might be surprised to know; it’s not always about the price!

Our Buyer Specialist acts as your “boots on the ground” and works hand and hand with Jacqueline to ensure you are the first to know about listings and get you through the door as quickly as possible!

We know that when you are looking for a home, nothing else matters! This is why we have two dedicated agents to support you in finding you your dream home but to also be sure that you get it!

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