You may have heard the exciting news that we’ve officially partnered with Zillow, and you might be wondering what is Zillow and why is this such an amazing thing?

So here are the top 5 awesome facts about Zillow and why we are excited to partner with them!

1. Zillow is North America’s largest real estate website, with over 188 million visitors every single month, and it’s just recently launched in Canada!

2. Zestimates! It provides you an estimate on the value of your home including what neighboring properties have sold for!

3. With 188 Million visitors a month, that’s a lot of potential buyers looking at your house!

4. Everything a buyer wants to know about your house is easily accessible; aerial photos, what similar properties have sold for, and information on the local schools and community!

5. As one of the first to partner with Zillow in Northumberland, we are ensuring our client’s homes get the best online exposure possible!

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